Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Researching your keywords to improve your search engine rankings

Keyword research is an essential search engine optimization topic. A keyword is related to the ways of people finds websites on the world wide web and how well you fare on the word with searchengines.
You will miss a lot of traffics  if you are not targeting the right words on what your targeted market is really finding for.
The worst search engine optimization mistake is not using the right keywords or completly ignoring the  process when designing a website.

These are some guideliness that may help you and your keywords research phase

Starting Phase

Gather up a few keywords that relates to the site that you are optimizing
Always check that the keywords that you are using is related to your site.For an analogy, if you are working a webpage in relation to photo hobby page some keywords can be used are photography, photo

Keywords research tools

There are some tools out there which are good for keywords research Google Adwords and Wordtracker. However the end result would always be to find the target keywrds with little competitors

Long tail keywords selection

Long tail keywords are the keywords where long keywords are used with a few combination and permutation which are being used in searches.  ,When you are targeting a website that involves in real eastate property rental. Always go for keywords  "studio house for rent" that would be less competititve than "property for rental". Statistics also shows that people who search for broad keywords searches typically has greater intention of what they are looking for and so the leads may yield higher conversion.

Include a geography location on target

Targetting areas and geography  of targeted customers do help to  the keyword competition. For an example  there is a big gap if you are targeting keyword eg in comparison of "property for rental" and New Mexico  "realestate for rent". Always remember to specify and pin down your keywords to your particular geographical area.

Competition research

Likewise it is worth it to investigate on the competition of the specific targetted keywords. Usually it is much harder to get good rankings for highly popular keywords. Make some Msn search on the exact phrase that you are targeting on the search engine.Do some investigation onf the top results website to check how competitions the keywords are. Usually by check at the google page rank of these competitors, you will roughly know how established they are for the specific keywords. It will be ages of hard battle to compete with highly established competitors.

If you are interested to be successful in search engine optimization , it will be worthwhile to spend a lot of efforts  to  good keyword research for your site. A lot of effort will be in vain once you found out that you have mistakenly target wrong keyword earlier stage of SEO. improve search engine rankings
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